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Behind The Scenes

The Official Lebanese Top 20 was created by John Saad.  An established TV and radio personality, John Saad has extensive and diverse professional experience.  He started working as an advertising executive, evolving to become the founder and managing partner of a promotion planning and events management firm.  And over the years he has put his managerial and creative talents to good use in more than 10 countries (including Lebanon, UAE, Jordan, US and UK). 

Active on many fronts, John Saad has over 23 years of radio, TV and print experience under his belt.  This paved the way for him to launch and head Virgin Radio Jordan.  Before this, Saad was the catalyst driving the first French radio show in the Emirates and was the main man behind the Music Show on MTV before the TV channel's initial closure.  He also prepared and presented radio chart shows for around 20 years (The UK & US Chart Show on RML and the RML Top 30).

And now John Saad's passion for charts and music come to life in the creation of the Official Lebanese Top 20: the first 100% accurate local airplay chart.  In conjunction with devoting time and energy to this weekly chart, Saad will be rekindling his event management expertise.

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