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Mission and Vision

The Official Lebanese Top 20 is on a mission to provide the first 100% accurate Lebanese chart. Since music is dynamic, we release a new chart every week. We do this to satisfy real music fans and to promote the industry. Our vision is to continue to deliver accurate charts while enriching the music loving culture in Lebanon. This is why we feature news items and artists profiles. And this is why we reach out to as many people as possible through our massive presence in the media and on location.

The Concept

The Official Lebanese Top 20's exclusive partnership with Ipsos means our Top 20 is the result of reliable airplay data from all the existing Arabic & Western radio stations in Lebanon. For 100% accuracy, Ipsos monitors local AM and FM radio stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This lets us precisely determine the frequency of plays of any song on any local station.

"Ipsos Music Play" is propriety technology developed by Ipsos based on ASD (Automatic Song Detection). This ensures exhaustive Automatic Song Detection and totally accurate counting. The technology recognizes song name, artist, album, version, year and more! In addition to generating dynamic Top lists, it can sort songs according to period, language, radio station, region, country etc. And it can even compare the results to Top Charts around the world.
Glenbey 12YO

Our Partners
Tune in to the most interesting “hot” stories from the local and international music scenes. Serious industry news for serious music lovers.

Glenbey 12YO