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Wael Shehada, alias Adam, is the Lebanese young singer. The boy was born on December 12, 1987, in Lebanon.
From a young age, Adam loved singing. Indeed, he began singing with the vocalist Mustafa Jaafari at the age of nine and continued until he was 16 years old.
His music career, started officially when he met the composer and singer Nicholas Saadeh Nakhleh in a concert for the artist Subhi Tawfiq. From then on, Nicholas would become Adam’s angel guardian, for he decided to become his manager.
Thus, Adam’s first album was released with his first collection of Arabic songs. In the album, he united his wonderful voice with the eternals of Oum Kalthoum, Zekra, Warda and many other icons.
The inauguration album, revealed the artist’s great vocal capacities and introduced him as the new successor of the perpetuate legends.
At the age of 16, Adam released his first own song “Mesh ba’i gher ashwa’I”, and filmed it in a video clip. Two years later, at the age of 18, he issued an album that raised him to stardom especially with his song “Kholes el damaa”, which was the title of this album. Two other Arabic songs got much reputation “Haza Ana” and “Kifak Inta”, which were a proof of Adam's great success.
And he has later issued an album titled "Helef El Amar", which included all the songs that he performed live at concerts.
Adam is one of the real successful and promising artists. In fact, he has won the Murex Award in 2005 as the Best Promising Young Artist.
In 2009, it was time for Adam to release his album “Ala Bali”, which holds the title of the song that has been till now topping the Arabic songs playlists.
Characterized by its affectionate lyrics melt with Adam’s melodious voice, the song “Ala Bali”, expanded Adam’s fame from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic. 

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
2/3/2013 Sada2t 14 22
11/20/2016 Sa3adi Mwa22ati 10 72
6/10/2018 Awal Habib 20 50
3/10/2019 Ta3a 9 75
9/29/2019 Nehna Sawa 4 80
12/13/2020 Fi Hada 1 84
9/27/2021 Ahla Snin 10 72
1/10/2022 Ana Ma Eli Bel Hob 14 67
2/15/2023 Hada Aaref 1 83
4/29/2023 Tkhayalini 19 51
1/18/2024 Qarar Saab 1 83
2/27/2024 Lamma Bheb 19 51

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