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Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit are a British electronic group, founded in Cambridge, England, 2009. After their 2013 single "Mozart's House", released on Black Butter Records, reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart, and the release of 'Nightingale' featuring pop singer Horner Woods and drum and bass group Camo & Krooked, which peaked to number thirty nine on the UK Singles Chart, in January 2014 they scored their first UK Singles Chart-topping single with "Rather Be", featuring elements of classical music, along with a dance music beat. "Rather Be" remained at the top of the chart for four weeks.

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
3/16/2014 Rather Be 8 27
12/18/2016 Rockabye 1 83
8/19/2018 Solo 5 76
1/27/2019 Baby 5 74
12/6/2020 Tick Tock 9 75

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