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Joseph Attieh

Joseph Attieh is a Lebanese upcoming artist born in Batroun, on May 14th, 1986. Joseph became the first Lebanese artist to win in the TV show Star academy, in 2005. In addition to the first place in the contest, Joseph won a Money prize as well as a record deal. In 2006, he released his first single entitled ‘La Trouhi’ (don’t go). It was written by Nicolas Nakhleh. The song became a best selling of the year in Lebanon and the Middle East.
His second single ‘Nahlé’ (the bee), was released in 2007. It is a ‘Dabké’ based song that did not receive as much attention as his first single, but it was successful. In the summer of 2007, Joseph toured Australia and the USA making successful appearances and concerts along with Nawal Zoghbi. Joseph released his third single ‘Habayt Aayounak’, which he sang during the finals of the fifth edition final of Star Academy. In April 2008, Joseph toured Australia again, but this time he was accompanied by the star Carole Samaha. Along with singing, Joseph also starred in a sitcom entitled ‘Neighbors’. He released his first album ‘Mawhoum’ in February 2010. He is considered as one of the best voices discovered by the show Star Academy and introduced to the public.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
1/15/2012 Bawastik 5 26
9/30/2012 Chou Btaamil Bel Nass 7 22
12/1/2013 Weilak 4 36
12/14/2014 Watani 18 57
4/12/2015 Hob w Makattar 2 82
5/1/2016 Yey 1 82
1/8/2017 Rou7 3 82
12/10/2017 Tghayyari 1 85
9/23/2018 3omer 3asal 1 81
5/12/2019 Lahza 11 64
9/1/2019 Ghazala 1 85
11/3/2019 Lebnan Rah Yerja3 7 74
5/17/2020 Hafzek 3an Ghayeb 13 63
6/21/2020 Khat Ahmar 11 66
8/30/2020 Sallou La Beirut 20 53
2/7/2021 Tabi3i 1 84
7/12/2021 Helween 1 85

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