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Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares is a Lebanese artist born in a small village in Southern Lebanon, in 1983. Since she was a child, Myriam started taking ballet lessons and participated in the TV show ‘Mawaheb Sghire’ on Tele-Liban. She won the first place in oriental dance.

As a brilliant student in arts, Myriam was incited by her teachers to participate in the schools’ events which were a motive to improve her dancing, singing and acting abilities. She enrolled in National Conservatory of Music and studied musicology as well as the principles of oriental singing for 4 years. When she was16 years old, she participated in the Lebanese Song Festival and won the first prize for the public Lebanese song nomination. One year later, she took part in the TV show ‘Studio Al Fann’ (Art’s Studio) and again won the first prize.

In 2003, Myriam signed her first record deal with Music Master International record label and released her first album ‘Myriam’. The album was sold out in a few days. She also filmed a very successful video clip for the song ‘Ana we Shou’. It was directed by Ghassan Koteit and became one of the most requested music videos. After that, she shot a second video music for the song ‘la Tis’alni’, directed by Slim El Turk. In 2005, myriam released a second album ‘Nadini’, followed by a third album ‘Bet’Oul Eih’, in 2008.

In 2009, Myriam had a single experience in acting. She played in the movie remake of the Rahbani’s theatre play ‘Silina’.
Throughout her career, Myriam performed in a series of sold out concerts such as in Yemen , Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, UAE, London, Lebanon, Las Vegas, and Egypt.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
7/10/2011 Ertah 11 21
10/2/2011 Men 3ouyouni 15 22
3/11/2012 Shou B7eb 1 40
6/23/2013 Kifak Enta Nchallah Mni7 2 43
1/5/2014 Kifak Enta 15 222
1/11/2015 Bizzemmetak 1 84
1/25/2015 Nefsi A2oulhalak 1 85
6/26/2016 Ghafi 4 78
7/16/2017 Chouf 7alak 3layi 2 83
2/24/2019 Goumi 2 82
6/21/2021 Ghaddara Ya Dounya 10 64
2/14/2022 Maalesh 3 79
4/11/2022 Hatha El Helo 9 66
9/12/2022 Adiha Enbisat 1 84
10/12/2022 Adiha Inbisat 17 58
10/3/2023 Tezalzelha 1 83
10/13/2023 Tezalzelha (Week 2) 1 83

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