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Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam was born February 26 in Lebanon and has an American citizenship. Najwa graduated holding a degree in arts and taught for two years at eastern college (zahle). Najwa started her singing career after winning the golden medal in the singing contest (Layali libnan-Lebanese nights), and after studying for four years at the Lebanese institute of music where she was under the direction of radicals such as Zaki naseef and Fouad awad. Najwa Karam is one of the most successful Arab singers—participating in numerous festivals and concerts around the globe, and has received a number of awards.
Najwa Karam the daughter of Karam Karam and Barbara Shaheen Karam, a family of Lebanese Maronites. She is the youngest of five children, having an older sister, Salwa, and three brothers, Tony, Jean, and Nicola. She spent her childhood in Zahle, in the care of her parents and older brothers. From an early age, Najwa was known among her friends and relatives for her powerful singing voice, but her parents emphasized the need for an education and a stable career over entertaining.

Image and career:
Najwa has been known for her unforgettable traditional Lebanese MAWAL in her powerful voice. Najwa has always taken her image and steps into consideration, in which she built her own musical track under the title of "shams al ughniye il-libneniye-sun of Lebanese song". Najwa has also been known for her strict decisions concerning her career (albums, concerts, look etc...), in which she study every move carefully before doing it because she believes that following such path is the key of success.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
7/31/2011 Mafi Nom 8 32
2/17/2013 Ykhallili 2albak 1 52
3/2/2014 Ya Youma 2014 19 18
1/4/2015 3al Sakhra 2 83
8/2/2015 Bawset Abel El Nom 1 85
11/29/2015 Sid El Rijal 1 85
5/29/2016 Ya Deni Ya Dana 3 82
5/7/2017 Habibi Min 13 68
5/14/2017 Ta3a Bawred Bi Albi 8 71
8/26/2018 Ya Ho 5 76
12/23/2018 El Layli Laylitna 3 82
10/25/2020 Beirut 14 65
5/25/2023 Chaghel Mousiqa 13 59

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