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Salim Assaf

Salim Assaf is a Lebanese composer and poet born in Al Warhanieh – Chouf, in 1979.

He holds a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from the Lebanese University in 2003, and a diploma in oud playing from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. He started his career in 2004 and immediately drawn attention to his talent, especially after cooperating with the Lebanese singer, Carole Samaha. He wrote the lyrics of "Ghaly Aalaya" and composed "Kif". In 2006, he composed and wrote the lyrics of "Adwae El Shohra" (Title of Carole Samaha's album in 2006), in addition to "Esmany" and "Wehyatak".

Salim Assaf cooperated with Majida Al Roumi and composed her song "Byawm Eersik". Then he worked with Najwa Karam on the song "Nawwar Ayyami" and with Ramy Ayach on both songs: "Eshtagelek Weyay" and "Dommini". He wrote the lyrics of Iwan song "Baqy" and collaborated with artist Nicolas El Osta and composed his song "Kel El Haa Aleik". He reiterated his collaboration in 2009 with Carole Samaha, and participated in the writing of the song "Ali", and wrote the lyrics of Yara's song "Ma Yhemmak". He worked on Sara Al Hani's album on the songs "Heik Betaamil", "Qal Shou Aala Balou", "Fadit Rouhak" and "Ma Hada Bi Ybaidni".

He wrote and composed for Rouwaida Attieh three songs: "Sho Sahle Elhikki", "Tunis" and "Kawn Jdid". In 2009, he worked with Carole Samaha on two songs "Ma Bkhaf" and "Aala Sawtak". Salim Assaf won the award "Murex D'Or" in 2010 for the song "Sho Sahle Elhikki" by Rouwaida Attieh. He wrote the lyrics and composed two songs for Ayman Zbib: "Kermalik" and "Hal Layli", one song for Anwar Al Amir "Shtaetelo". He composed for Najwa Karam the song "Bil Rouh Bil Dam".

He released dozens of songs, notably: "Nemchi w Nemchi" by Saber Rebai, the duet "Sawa" by Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab, "Ya Bayee", "Law Bas Tearaf" by Najwa Karam, "Bawast Tyabik" by Nader El Attat, "Chou Hayda" by Marwan Al-Shami, "Majnoun" by Ramy Ayach, "Karjit May" by Zein El Omr. Finally, in 2012, he wrote and composed "Allah Hamikom" for the Lebanese football team and also worked on Carole Samaha's song "Wetaawedt" and Saber Rebai's song "Ya Aassal".

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
11/4/2012 Lawwali Albi 2 38
3/30/2014 Mech Khayef 4 34
11/16/2014 Iza Fik 1 85
6/14/2015 Chou 7elwe 1 84
2/28/2016 Metel El 7elem 9 71
1/8/2017 Ah Ya Bayi 11 69
6/24/2018 Kifo Albik 7 71
4/14/2019 7ala 7ala 4 78
5/10/2020 El Wad3 El 7ali 12 68
6/30/2022 Bala Ehsas 20 57
12/13/2022 El Shatwiyyi 9 70
3/28/2023 Shu Hal 7ob 13 59
3/25/2024 Rfiqit Rouhi 20 50

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