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Yara (full name Carla Nazih Berkachi), is a known and successful Lebanese singer. She was born on June 1, 1983. Her outstanding voice and charming looks were the reasons that made her one of the most famous Arab singers.

She has participated in several international festivals and has made guest appearances on many TV programs.

Yara started her musical career with the release of her first single “Hob Kabeer” in 2005. She then released her debut album “Twasa Fia”, which introduced everyone to her magical voice and both of the videos made her one of the most well known Arab singer.

In 2006, Yara was featured in a duo with Fadel Shaker in the hit single “Akhidni Ma3ak”.

She then released several singles including: “Bahlam Be’neik, Law Bassely, Betlif El Donia” and “Sodfa”.

All the hard work had paid off in 2007 when Yara received the Murex D’or Award for best rising singer!

In 2008, Yara released her second album “Enta Minni” with the hits single also entitled “Enta Minni”, which made her the superstar she is today.

In 2009, after the success of her Khaleji songs “Sodfa” and “Haddi A’sabak”, Yara released a full Khaleji album entitled “La’ale2 Khaleejiya”. And she also received the Murex D’or Award for best Lebanese singer…

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
7/3/2011 Maghroum 1 42
10/12/2014 Ya 3ayech Bi Oyouni 1 85
12/7/2014 Ah Mennak Ya Hawa 1 83
2/22/2015 Ma Ba3ref 15 62
5/22/2016 Khallouni Ma3ou 1 84
7/23/2017 M3azzabni El Hawa 2 84
11/19/2017 Baher Hmoum 1 85
6/30/2019 Shou Bado 1 85
1/12/2020 Chou Baddo 18 57
3/7/2021 Gheir El Nas 9 70
11/1/2021 Mallayt 14 58

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